• BP Machine – Citizen

    Measurement system Oscillometric method
    Pressure measurement range 0 – 280 mmHg
    Pulse measurement range 40 – 180 pulse/min
    Pressure accuracy ±3 mmHg
    Pulse accuracy ±5 %
    Power source
    • 4x AA batteries
    • Optional AD/DC adapter (DC 6V, 0.6A)
    Battery life
    • Manganese battery: approx. 150 times
    • Alkaline battery: approx. 500 times
    Rated voltage DC6V 3W (direct current)
    Unit dimensions W105 x H166 x D122 mm
    Unit weight Approx. 390g (without batteries)
    Cuff weight Approx. 130g

    Hypertension indicator

    Irregular heartbeat indicator

    Body movement indicator

    Automatic power off

    Time and date stamps

    Stores historical readings

    Provides average of last readings

    Simulataneous blood pressure pulse rate readings

    Easy to read LCD display

  • Omron M2 BP Machine.

    • Its a one button operation feature
    • Comes last reading memory
    • Has an Intellisense Technology system
    • Its an automatic Bp machine.

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    Omron M2 BP Machine.


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